(8 CDs)

In these conferences, Fr. Gallagher explains Saint Ignatius of Loyola's teaching on how to overcome the great obstacle in the life of faith for many: spiritual desolation. In his First Rules for discernment, Saint Ignatius helps us understand spiritual desolation - those times when we lose energy for spiritual things - and offers a wealth of practical counsel on how to resist its pitfalls. This teaching offers a message of great hope: that a path out of bondage to spiritual desolation and into spiritual consolation lies open before us all.

The Discernment of Spirits: St. Ignatius' Guide for the Spiritual Life (8 CDs)

  • These conference recordings are also AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! book upon which these conferences are based, The Discernment of Spirits, is availabe in the Books collection of the Store, along with the Reader's Guide  and Spanish version.

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