(8 CDs) In these conferences, Fr. Gallagher explains Saint Ignatius's teaching on how to discern when the attractions we experience in spiritual consolation - when our hearts feel the love of God - are truly of God. In his Second Rules for discernment, Saint Ignatius helps us understand when such spiritual consolation is of God and when it may be deceptive. Clearly, much in the spiritual life depends upon accurate discernment at such times. Fr. Gallagher's thoughtful and practical conferences render Saint Ignatius's teaching accessible to those who face such sensitive discernment.

Spiritual Consolation: St Ignatius' Guide for the Greater Discernment (8 CDs)

  • These retreat recordings are also AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!  The book upon which these conferences are based, Spiritual Consolation, is availabe in the Books collection of the Store. This conference builds on the teaching in The Discernment of Spirits book and conference recording.

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