In this set of ten conferences, shown on EWTN, Fr. Gallagher explains St. Ignatius of Loyola’s fourteen rules for the discernment of spirits. These clear and practical rules offer assistance in understanding the times of joy and of struggle in the spiritual life. Above all, St. Ignatius provides spiritual tools for overcoming the pitfalls of discouragement and darkness (spiritual desolation). Generations of those who love Christ have found clarity and encouragement through St. Ignatius’s rules as they live their daily lives. Fr. Gallagher presents them in an accessible manner, with an abundance of practical examples and concrete applications to our daily life. (EWTN, 5 DVDs)

Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teaching of St. Ignatius (5 DVDs)

  • This EWTN series is based on Fr. Gallagher's book entitled The Discernment of Spirits.

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