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Presentations on Video DVD

Living the Discerning Life

Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola (EWTN, 5 DVDs)

In this set of ten conferences, shown on EWTN, Fr. Gallagher explains St. Ignatius of Loyola’s fourteen rules for the discernment of spirits. These clear and practical rules offer assistance in understanding the times of joy and of struggle in the spiritual life. Above all, St. Ignatius provides spiritual tools for overcoming the pitfalls of discouragement and darkness (spiritual desolation). Generations of those who love Christ have found clarity and encouragement through St. Ignatius’s rules as they live their daily lives. Fr. Gallagher presents them in an accessible manner, with an abundance of practical examples and concrete applications to our daily life.


Finding God in All Things

Finding God in All Things: The Teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola on Prayer (EWTN, 4 DVDs)

In this set of thirteen conferences, shown on EWTN, Fr. Gallagher explains St. Ignatius of Loyola’s daily examen prayer and his teaching on meditation and contemplation—how to pray with Scripture. The daily examen prayer has helped many to find God in the busyness of daily life, and so learn to follow his daily leading. St. Ignatius’s clear and profound teaching on how to reflect prayerfully on Scripture (meditation) and how to pray with the Gospels with the aid of the imagination (contemplation), has blessed generations of those who love the Lord. Fr. Gallagher’s presentation renders these forms of prayer accessible to all.


Discerning the Will of God for Directors

Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide for Spiritual Directors (3 DVDs)

In ten lectures, filmed in the beautiful St. Clement’s Shrine in Boston, Father Timothy Gallagher, presents a video-guide for spiritual directors based on his bestselling title Discerning the Will of God. Using texts from St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises and real-life situations, Father Gallagher offers spiritual directors instruction on how to guide persons through the process of discernment, how to help them discern the movements of their hearts, and how to walk with them toward clarity regarding God’s will. The insights offered throughout the series can be adapted to a wide range of decisions that persons may face in life. This DVD is also accompanied by a study guide, making it an ideal resource for spiritual directors and retreat directors.

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Presentations on Audio CD

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Discernment of Spirits

The Discernment of Spirits: St. Ignatius of Loyola's Guide for the Spiritual Life (8 CDs)

In these conferences, Fr. Gallagher explains Saint Ignatius of Loyola's teaching on how to overcome the great obstacle in the life of faith for many: spiritual desolation. In his First Rules for discernment, Saint Ignatius helps us understand spiritual desolation - those times when we lose energy for spiritual things - and offers a wealth of practical counsel on how to resist its pitfalls. This teaching offers a message of great hope: that a path out of bondage to spiritual desolation and into spiritual consolation lies open before us all.


Examen Prayer

The Examen Prayer: Finding God in the Busyness of Daily Life (8 CDs)

In these conferences, Fr. Gallagher explains Saint Ignatius of Loyola's teaching on how to find God in the many occupations of each day. The examen prayer, a simple and profound way of praying, helps us to follow God's leading more closely in the midst of busy lives. Fr. Gallagher explains the nature of this prayer, its steps (gratitude, petition, review, forgiveness, and renewal), and the conditions which help us to grow in this practice. This clear and practical teaching is for all who desire growth in the spiritual life.


Spiritual Consolation

Spiritual Consolation: St. Ignatius of Loyola's Guide for the Greater Discernment of Spirits (8 CDs)

In these conferences, Fr. Gallagher explains Saint Ignatius's teaching on how to discern when the attractions we experience in spiritual consolation - when our hearts feel the love of God - are truly of God. In his Second Rules for discernment, Saint Ignatius helps us understand when such spiritual consolation is of God and when it may be deceptive. Clearly, much in the spiritual life depends upon accurate discernment at such times. Fr. Gallagher's thoughtful and practical conferences render Saint Ignatius's teaching accessible to those who face such sensitive discernment.


Meditation and Contemplation

Meditation and Contemplation: An Ignatian Guide to Praying with Scripture (4 CDs)

In this retreat, Fr. Gallagher invites us to experience the two cornerstones of Ignatian prayer, meditation and contemplation. Following the profound yet practical wisdom of the Spiritual Exercises, he offers beginners and experts a fresh perspective on the mechanics of praying with Scripture, struggles and growth in the spiritual life, and the importance and role of grace. With rich examples, questions and answers, and suggested Scriptural reflections, the retreat will benefit all who seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.


Discerning the Will of God

Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making (6 CDs)

Fr. Gallagher invites us to find the peace that comes from making a decision after a prayerful process of discernment. Drawing from Saint Ignatius of Loyola's three modes of election, this seminar clarifies the question, the foundation, the disposition, and the means necessary for discerning God's will. Illustrating the principles with real-life examples, Fr. Gallagher offers practical wisdom for both individuals facing a significant choice, and the spiritual directors who accompany them.


Venerable Bruno Lanteri

Venerable Bruno Lanteri (3 CDs)

In this set of three audio CDs, Fr. Gallagher presents the spiritual teaching of the Venerable Bruno Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, for lay people. In these talks, Fr. Gallagher explores the writings and letters of spiritual direction of Ven. Lanteri for those who live the lay vocation. Topics include: God’s goodness and majesty, living for the greater glory of God, the sacraments, meditation, spiritual reading, courageous perseverance, hope in God, beginning again, suffering, Mary, and our state in life.


Tolkien and Lord of the Rings

A Retreat with J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings (4 CDs)

In this retreat, Fr. Gallagher explores themes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings as these apply to the Christian life. Fr. Gallagher examines our Christian vocation in the light of Frodo’s call, Christian fidelity in the light of Sam’s fidelity, and joy as it appears in The Lord of the Rings and in our Christian life. He reviews excerpts from the letters that Tolkien (a devout Catholic) wrote to his son, focusing on Tolkien’s love for the Eucharist.